• Dorothy is that most unique of music teachers, one who has a wealth of musical knowledge, the skill and generosity to impart it and a deep understanding of her students' needs. She has been a wonderful mentor to me and I will always be grateful for her guidance.

    Dr Jill Sullivan MD Opera Singer and Director
  • Dorothy is an outstanding accompanist, pianist, vocal coach and friend. Over the 20 years that we have worked together, I have come to trust Dorothy’s musical expertise and deep understanding of the unique requirements of singers. She is a highly skilled professional pianist and performer with a great love of the voice and its varied repertoire. It is such a pleasure when we work together.

    Conal Coad International Opera Singer, Director and Vocal Adjudicator
  • From an artistic advisory perspective Dorothy McCormack was my go to board member. Her vast experience in the arts as a performer, teacher, mentor and examiner proved invaluable in developing new ways to engage young people in the arts and expanding our educational reach. Equally her extensive networks within the arts and entertainment industry meant that we were able to bring other distinguished musicians and renowned artists to the Gold Coast, often for the very first time. More importantly Dorothy is the consummate professional. Her sage advice, level head and incredible depth of experience are equally matched by her sincerity and generosity towards all people.

    Destry Puia Creative Infrastructure Head, Arts Melbourne, previously General Manager, The Arts Centre Gold Coast (2009- 2017)
  • Without an amazing teacher like you to encourage my love of music, I never would have ended up where I am today. You recognised my talent for composition, musicianship theory, and helped develop my innate analytical ability which made me love areas of music that not a lot of young students do. I remember those early days with everyone and the annual music concerts which were not only a lot of fun, but helped shape the musician and academic I am today. Thanks again and I look forward to catching up soon.

    Dr Brittany McCormack PhD (Music Education): B.Ed (Hons), Sessional Lecturer and Tutor, Griffith University, Gold Coast, QLD   2017
  • The time I spent studying music under Dorothy was an extremely valuable and formative experience for me. I received a holistic musical education; not just focussing on developing technical skills with my instrument (piano), but also listening, composing, analysing skills, and cultural appreciation encompassing all of the arts and not just limited to music. These experiences allowed me to cultivate musicianship and laid the foundations of my future creative practice and career. As a teacher and mentor, Dorothy understood and supported my musical development, offering expert guidance, priceless insight, steering me assuredly towards challenging opportunities that allowed me to grow.

    Dr Leah Kardos (PhD, PGCE, MMus, B.Mus, A.Mus.A) Composer,  Senior Lecturer in Music - Kingston University London
  • Dorothy McCormack is a musician with a great range of skills. She is an exceptional accompanist, as is testified by the international artists with whom she has worked. She is an inspired and inspiring teacher, as is testified by students who have gone on to distinguished careers and by students who found music to be a means of personal expression and satisfaction in their lives. She holds a Master of Musicology along with her distinguished performing qualifications. She continually updates her experience through presenting at international conferences and maintains a range of contacts with international musicians and educators.  She has examined extensively in Asia, both with students of high grades and with young children. Her work with teachers, both in Australia and in Asia, has demonstrated a profound intercultural understanding and respect. Over the years she has mentored young performers, helping them to develop the knowledge of how to program, how to know their audience and, most importantly, how to ‘shine’.

    Associate Professor Anne Power PhD School of Education, Western Sydney University, NSW